When I traveled to Massachusetts in April with my family, one of the main places I wanted to visit was the Boston Public Library. As a true book lover, I was electrified by the idea of seeing the second largest collection of books in America. What an experience that would be . . . or, would have been. Unfortunately, the GPS we borrowed from friends for our trip managed to lead us down the garden path. The garden path of course standing in for basically the entirety of Boston, a.k.a. everywhere the library was not.

Though I wasn't able to view the BPL in person, I did gain exposure to it in another way. Before leaving for Massachusetts, I read an article highlighting an aspect of the BPL possibly at odds with their fame as a massive collection of purely physical books. According to the article (from the New York Times), the BPL is about to undergo a huge transformation, incorporating much more technology, such as ebooks, into their design. In this blog, I’m going to examine the changing landscape of libraries, with a focus on ebook use, which will narrow into a case study on the renovation of the Boston Public Library.

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